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A study of the World Health Organization shows that in 2018 an estimated 228 million cases of malaria occurred worldwide, the majority in the African continent. The SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) calls for an end to such kind of epidemics by 2030. The main goal of this project is to develop an imaging platform by using artificial intelligence techniques for automated diagnosis of malaria and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

The specific objectives are:

    1. Create an open source image bank and database
    2. Develop an image diagnostic system through image analysis using artificial intelligence techniques
    3. Develop software for Android-phones to move the microscopy slides, images acquisition and image analysis and diagnosis with human supervision
    4. Model the laboratory management GLI (Global Laboratory Initiative) software to perform the entire process autonomously (image analysis, adquisition and diagnosis)
    5. Establish a quality control of the technological process and predictions
    6. Validate the imaging platform in the field